Will Peall

I am FRANTEC’s CEO, which is a varied, rewarding and sometimes challenging role but one which I love! I founded the company over 20 years ago, so my “baby” has now grown up and I am proud of our achievements. I also realise that there is room to develop and improve, so we never stand [...]

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Teresa Peall

I work for FRANTEC as a Field Liaison Supervisor. I have been fulfilling this role since May 2016. I enjoy this role very much as it enables me to meet all the people we provide support for, as well as all staff face to face on regular basis. My role involves visiting clients and workers [...]

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Spencer Brewer

I started working for FRANTEC in October 2015 as a Field Liaison Supervisor. I go out and visit our clients and Personal Support Workers to provide person-centred support planning. I support with reviews and update client’s Service User Plans. I support and empower our clients to access community services and access support from other agencies [...]

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Sharon Saydon

I have been with FRANTEC since 2011 and I am now the Client Bookings Manager. I spend a lot of time matching up clients and Support Workers, ensuring all our clients’ care and support needs are met. Live-in care is extremely personal, as you have someone living in your own home for between one and [...]

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Shona Lingham

I am the Commercial and Office Manager at FRANTEC. I am fairly new to the company, commencing in March 2018 but I have known the staff and company for over 10 years. My main duties consist of implementing and managing systems for all departments to ensure we are efficient. I also look after the maintenance [...]

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Sarah Bescoby

I joined FRANTEC in October 2011. Before this, I worked as a Formal Advocate with disabled peoples’ organisations to provide and manage independent advocacy services, support brokerage and independent mental capacity advocacy for 17+ years. I have two roles within FRANTEC. My role as Business Development Manager is to ensure FRANTEC runs to the best [...]

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Ruth Richer

I started work with FRANTEC back in 2012 and still very much enjoy working here and hope that somehow, I am “making a difference”! I mainly deal with paying our Personal Support Workers and the management team. I raise and deal with all aspects of the sales and purchase ledgers. My additional duties include all [...]

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Rosie Holmes

I have been with FRANTEC since 2002. I previously worked as a midwife, but following a few months travelling I started working as a live-in support worker. I have worked my way up within the company and I am now the Service Manager. Most of my current work is around bookings, ensuring staff and clients [...]

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Naziya Ali

I am a very bubbly and humorous individual. My friends and family like to say my presence lights up a room, setting off positive vibes! My role in FRANTEC is to work with Sarah, the Business Development Manager, around compliance for CQC and with our contractors. I complete audits around quality and assurance of service [...]

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Naomi Cunliffe

I am Naomi, Client and Personnel Manager and I have three children. I joined FRANTEC in 2003, during which time I have worked in various roles. My current role includes providing supervisions and appraisals to our Personal Support Workers and carrying out regular visits to our clients. I am also qualified to provide manual handling [...]

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