I joined FRANTEC in October 2011. Before this, I worked as a Formal Advocate with disabled peoples’ organisations to provide and manage independent advocacy services, support brokerage and independent mental capacity advocacy for 17+ years.
I have two roles within FRANTEC. My role as Business Development Manager is to ensure FRANTEC runs to the best of its abilities and that we are CQC compliant and compliant with our contracts. I manage, review and develop FRANTEC’s services to ensure we continue to develop and deliver person-centred care. I also supervise part of the management team.
My role as Person-Centred Services Lead is to provide extra information, support and guidance to the FRANTEC management team and our clients, around independent living and accessing services. I lead on work regarding The Mental Capacity Act and provide complex case management. Outside work, I enjoy gardening, walking, music, yoga and kayaking!

E-mail Sarah: sarah@frantec.co.uk